Britain could lead a robotic revolution with cost savings of 16 per cent by 2025

10th of February 2015

By 2025 the country’s workforce could look very differentThe UK is set to be among the leading adopters of industrial robots over the next decade, benefitting from improved productivity and a huge reduction in labour costs. While global average cost savings from the use of robots is expected to be around 16 per cent by 2025, Britain’s fast adoption is expected to push savings nearer to 21 per cent, according to a report out today on the global impact of robotics from the Boston Consulting Group (BCG). “We’re seeing a fundamental trend where the cost of robotics are getting so low that it’s fundamentally changing the calculus of manufacturing, and for us that’s a big sea change,” BCG senior partner, managing director and co-author of The Shifting Economics of Global Manufacturing, Harold Sirkin told City A.M. The report predicts that the UK’s adoption of industrial robots in industries like automotive engineering and manufacturing will outpace that of Germany, France and Spain, with 45 per cent of automatable tasks handed over to robots by 2025.

Oliver Smith, CITY AM