Microscopic stealth drones could soon be repairing your blood vessels

23rd of February 2015

Here’s a sentence that’s straight out of the future: Microscopic stealth drones could be repairing your damaged arteries very soon.That’s right. Scientists are developing tiny man-made particles that can whizz around in your blood fixing the damage that causes heart attacks and strokes. Read on, because it only gets more amazing. What are these particles? Each tiny nanoparticle is made from plastic, and is 1,000 times smaller than the tip of a human hair.The nanoparticles are made from a biodegradable polymer that dissolves away in the body over time and is already used in a number of approved medical products. How do they repair artery damage?  The nanoparticles were engineered to carry pieces of an “inflammatory-resolving” protein called annexin A1, which the body uses to quell inflammation and trigger healing.They are designed to latch onto atherosclerotic plaques – hard deposits made from accumulated fat, cholesterol and calcium that build up on the walls of arteries and can often rupture, producing dangerous clots.Once they reach their target, the “drones” release a drug derived from a natural protein that repairs inflammation damage in the body.