World's First Robot-Run Hotel Due To Open In Japan This July

9th of February 2015

Japan is renowned for being at the forefront of technology, and the country’s ongoing love affair with robots has helped them maintain their position as world leaders in this industry. In spite of this, it was still a little surprising to find out that Japanese scientists have progressed the field so much that a hotel is due to be opened this year in Nagasaki which will be half-staffed by robots.Henn-na Hotel, which means either “strange” or “change” hotel, you pick the one that suits it best, will come to life in July this year. The 72-room hotel will be staffed by 10 people alongside 10 robots, in case you miss interacting with people. These so-called “actroids” are designed to be remarkably, and slightly creepily, human-like. Developed by Osaka University and manufactured by Kokoro, a branch of the company that licenses Hello Kitty, the humanoids bear the features and mannerisms of young Japanese women.

Justine Alford, IFL Science