Microscopic stealth drones could soon be repairing your blood vessels

By Breakingnews.ie on 23rd of February 2015

Here’s a sentence that’s straight out of the future: Microscopic stealth drones could be repairing your damaged arteries very soon.That’s right. Scientists are developing tiny man-made particles that can whizz around in your blood fixing the damage that causes heart attacks and strokes.

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How to build a star

By The Week on 23rd of February 2015

Deep in the French countryside, some of the world’s cleverest scientists are building a vast thermonuclear reactor. If all goes well, says Alok Jha, this “star in a box” could be the key to providing clean, safe energy for the next centuryThe countryside of Saint-Paul-lez-Durance in Provence is a picture-perfect terrain of wooded hills and vineyards, beneath a bright blue winter sky. It seems incongruous that this is where the most sophisticated, expensive machine ever built is slowly taking shape, at the local Cadarache nuclear facility.

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Saunas protect middle-aged men against heart attacks

By The Telegraph on 23rd of February 2015

The Finns describe them as the ‘poor man’s pharmacy’ and now researchers have proved that saunas are indeed beneficial to health.Scientists have found that the dry heat of a sauna does more than work up a sweat, it can actually prolong life, cutting the risk of a heart attack for middle-aged men by up to 63 per cent.However study authors from University of Eastern Finland said were unsure what was driving the heart health boost.“Further studies are warranted to establish the potential mechanism that links sauna bathing and cardiovascular health,” said lead author Dr Jari Laukkanen, who publ

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