Cancer deaths will be eliminated for all under 80 by 2050, new research predicts

By The Independent on 14th of January 2015

Deaths from cancer will be “eliminated” for all age groups except the over-80s by 2050, if recent gains in prevention and treatment carry on apace, experts have said.Researchers from University College London (UCL) and King’s College London said the UK was at a “special point in history” and could set a bold ambition to eradicate cancer-related mortality in people aged under 80 “during the course of the coming 20 to 30 years”.

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Scientists raise alarm over tomorrow’s world

By The Times on 13th of January 2015

Are autonomous weapons likely to result in accidental wars? Should a self-driving car be allowed to weigh up a small probability of injury to a human against the near-certainty of an expensive, victimless accident?These disconcerting questions are among many that Stephen Hawking and hundreds of other researchers want answered before we create an artificial intelligence to rival our own.

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CES: Everything Old Is New Again

By New York Times on 9th of January 2015

Friday is the last official day of International CES, the giant technology trade show in Las Vegas. It is also, as it happens, the eigth anniversary of the introduction of the original iPhone.These two facts stand in interesting contrast — one is a loud and flashy expression of what the future may hold, and the other is a life-changing technology we hardly saw coming.This year’s CES had the feel of a World’s Fair.

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