Nutrition Panel Calls for Less Sugar and Eases Cholesterol and Fat Restrictions

By NY Times on 19th of February 2015

A nutrition advisory panel that helps shape the country’s official dietary guidelines eased some of its previous restrictions on fat and cholesterol on Thursday and recommended sharp new limits on the amount of added sugar that Americans should consume.The Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee, which convenes every five years, followed the lead of other major health groups like the American Heart Association that in recent years have backed away from

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Robots Could Make Even High-Tech Workers Worse Off

By Bloomberg on 18th of February 2015

Have you ever worried that robots would one day be the ruin of humanity? According to a newly published paper, you might not be too far off base. Four researchers from Boston University and Columbia University simulated an economy featuring two types of workers – high-tech employees who produce new software code, and low-tech workers who produce human services (people such as artists, priests, psychologists and the like). At first, high demand for code-writing high-tech employees increases their wages. However, over time, the amount of legacy code grows.

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Apple wins patent for wireless head-mounted display using iPhone

By Financial Times on 18th of February 2015

Apple has been awarded a patent for a headset that slots the iPhone in front of the eyes, sparking speculation that it might be preparing to compete in the rapidly developing virtual reality market with Oculus Rift, 

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