Mars One shortlist: five Britons among 100 would-be astronauts

By The Guardian on 17th of February 2015

An Oxford physicist who can recall 90 digits of the mathematical entity pi is among five Britons to make the shortlist of would-be astronauts for a proposed one-way trip to Mars.Ryan MacDonald, a 21-year-old masters student from Derby, has reached the final 100 candidates for the Mars One project which aims to set up a permanent human colony on the red planet in 2024.The other British hopefuls are Maggie Lieu, 24, a PhD student

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Investors bet that start-up Jet will soar

By Financial Times on 13th of February 2015

©BloombergBuilding an ecommerce company that can stand up to the might of Amazon is hard, as Marc Lore, founder of, has already discovered.But some of Silicon Valley’s top venture capitalists are making a very big bet on his new start-up, Jet, in the hope that its unusual business model is just what it takes to build the next multibillion-dollar ecommerce brand.Jet said this week that it had sealed a $140m funding deal led by Bain Capital Ventures, with additional funding from more than a dozen other in

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The Semiconductor Revolutionary

By Bloomberg on 13th of February 2015

Alex Lidow has spent much of his career developing a superefficient replacement for siliconSilicon has enjoyed some serious staying power. For going on 60 years, it’s been the semiconductor of choice at the heart of transistors—the tiny switches that power the Information Age. A valley has been named after it. Many billion-dollar empires have been forged from it. And now—look away, silicon—it may finally be on the verge of being replaced.The cool new semiconductor on the scene is gallium nitride, or GaN.

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